FCSSAA Annual Conference

A Chance To Connect

With over 200 FCSS program members, the FCSSAA’s larger network covers almost every municipality in Alberta. Our annual summit gives our members an opportunity to learn, share, collaborate, and connect.

Annual Conference 2022

The FCSSAA invites you to join us for the 2022 FCSSAA Annual Conference in Edmonton at the Fantasyland Hotel. The planning group, Calgary-Bow River, has chosen the theme: Stronger Together which reflects the role of FCSS programs in supporting and re-energizing communities- together! We’re hoping this conference will be a time to rebuild lost connections, make new ones, and celebrate that when we work with one voice, we are “Stronger Together.”

Information and Registration

The conference will be held November 16th-18th, 2022, at the FantasyLand Hotel in Edmonton.